I was driving down the road today, and it hit me more than ever just how many people are in Vero Beach, Florida during season. Since November first is typically the beginning of the rush, I can usually expect to spend an additional 10+ minutes to travel anywhere I need to!


...But in real estate that's a good thing!


It means people are down here. They are warm. They are enjoying time away from their busy life up north. ...They are possibly with their families. Or possibly on the beach. OR MAYBE, just maybe, they love it so much down here that they are searching for the perfect home to make their own!


MEANING, it's a perfect time to make them feel at home down here!


We, as agents and sellers, should make buyers feel at home when they are looking at possible locations to make their own. Staging is all about helping a buyer envision their life in your property.


So my thought for the holidays is this: When you are staging your home to sell, stage it as cozy as possible. Without making the place look cluttered, add a touch of warmth to the home. Maybe a nice wreath. Maybe some fall colors or fragrances. A little bit of 'north' in sunny Florida is OK!


Because home buying is often an emotional experience for buyers, the holidays are a perfect time of year to create an atmosphere that best suits for the occasion!


SO! go to a crafts store. Buy a fall-colored wreath and a pumpkin-spiced candle, and bring on the snow birds!


Janyne Kenworthy 772-696-5110

"Here's a Thought for the Holidays..."