That is a question that is personal and strictly a matter of choice! Some people in Florida could hardly live without a pool and others say they don’t want the bother!

A pool is a choice for the buyer – do you have small children?– they all should be taught to swim whether or not you have a pool – Florida has many, many pools and ponds available for small children to fall into  - Swim lessons and safety are mandatory!

If you buy a home with a pool and have small children you will want and be required to have a safety fence - the home you bought should have one already installed. There are other items available to keep your children safe – locks on the doors leading to the patio area, bells or chimes when those doors get opened, sensors for the water that let a signal off when something falls in the water, a full cover either hard or soft for the pool water area – the choices are as endless as the brands! But with small kids even if they are neighbors’ kids – some safety device is mandatory, legally and for peace of mind!

In general a pool is not hard to care for; depends on the age of the pool and how and when and with what extras it was installed. The thing to know is to keep the chemicals in balance, too much chlorine or too little can be a problem as can too high PH or too low PH! Many newer pools have automatic chlorinators so you put the chlorine tablets in to a tube that has water flow and gives the pool chlorine as the filter runs.  There are also ways to have a salt system in your pool – you add the salt and it generates chlorine to your pool water.

The sides of your pool can benefit from a regular brushing – and algaecide can be added for maintenance instead of only when you see a problem rising. Your filter and pump should a have a timer to set to a regular schedule of daylight hours to run and your pool can be an easy asset to your home.

If you feel like you will let things fall through the cracks – contact a local pool service and they will determine a maintenance schedule for you – then you can swim with peace of mind and no work! In Florida the care and maintenance is relatively inexpensive and takes any worry or work off your back – write a check and leave the work to someone else.

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