Improve your home's value and sell-ability by sprucing up your yard even on a budget.

Walk across the street from your house and turn around and look back – nice? When pulling out or into your driveway or past your house – go slow and see it as a potential buyer would. Many people in the market for a home do a drive-by first before telling the agent what houses they’d like to see. Sure your house and yard might not be a show stopper but it should look well kept and clean; a few blooming flowers during the season help make it look like you still care.

We don’t all have magazine photo worthy yards and some of us have black thumbs and not green – but there is so much you can do with little effort that makes a big impact.

Look at a few houses and yards you like – what gives them their appeal?

Now ask yourself what I can do to get that kind of look – the color, the clean look, the neatness, the well cared for lawn and a few décor pots outside. Are you planning to stay in your house or fixing it to sell it? The answer to that question will help determine what and how you plan your improvements. If you are planning on staying there – determine how you want to increase your living space-do you want to eat outside on a patio, grill more often, entertain, have children who need a place to play or pets that need a space to do what they do – when you determine your needs you can easily determine how to fix up your spaces into the necessary “rooms”.

If you are looking at your house to clean up, fix up and move – you have a different view of what needs to be done and what you want to spend.

First clean up – nothing laying around, no broken toys; if everything looks dirty and dingy – plan on pressure washing the house, walkways and driveway, if you have a patio, clean that too! Create a welcoming entrance with one or two big pots filled with colorful plants. How is your front door – need paint? Poor maintenance outside can sometimes be a turn off to the inside.

Make sure all landscape is free of weeds and bushes are trimmed neatly. Buy seeds, such as a mix of wildflowers or brightly colored small annuals that give your landscape that “cute” look. Use mulch in your flower beds you want to get that added appeal.

Check also the mailbox area – outside lights and anywhere you think people will look.

Now – drive by again – did you improve your house and landscaping – is there more to do? Ask your neighbors!

If you're trying to impress potential buyers "don’t neglect the street appeal of your home,"

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