Like any good Girl Scout or Boy Scout, a Real Estate Agent has to have a code to live by – it makes better people and better agents. An excellent Real Estate Agents Motto should follow the girl and boy scouts –
1. Do my best
2. Honor my duty and serve God and the United States
3. Help other people and live a morally and physically strong and upstanding life!

Even though real estate is a self-regulated industry, there are realtors’ standards and guidelines that are important to any buyer and seller anywhere in the United States.  It is important as an agent to live by a standard that makes people honor and respect you; not only now with clients but with co-agents and for years to come.

The best tool for a modern real estate agent is communication – an agent’s ability to communicate with clients, co-agents, staff with their own corporate office and staff at other real estate offices is priceless in sales and error-proof closings. Understanding what the client wants to see in a home, understanding the location they are interested in and why is very important. If the agent feels they have additional options for location then communicating why the area could be expanded is priceless rather than a time waster.

The Real Estate agent must get their clients excited about each and every subdivision and location – then find exciting things about each house they look at. “This location is so safe and friendly and great for kids!” Sometimes an agent senses other items of importance – “The property owners association here is strict at making the homeowners comply with the rules” – the client can then decide if that is something that is of great interest, above and beyond the look and feel of the home.

A good agent is not lazy and does not show partiality to a particular subdivision or builder unless requested by their clients. Honesty in an agent is very important; a good agent can make an excellent living keeping high standards; no underhanded activity with other agents or their sellers or their buyers! An agent has not only their company’s reputation but their own reputation to uphold – it’s the most important asset in a service type business like this. If an agent compromises their reputation they can not only ruin that sale or contact, but many to come. Integrity! Honesty! and the will to be the best you can be will enable any agent to be a successful agent! Find an agent that is a good scout and you can be sure you’ll be on the right track!

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