There is much to say about working in a field that satisfies you- about taking a career that you feel was meant for you.


The statistics about unhappy workers in America are ASTOUNDING! Just do the research, and it won't take long to find how many people feel "misplaced" in their workplace.


The deciding factor to start my real estate career came at the perfect time in my life. I was given a golden opportunity, and I went for it! My alternatives at the time seemed less than desirable, so I took the leap of faith, gathered my resources, and ventured into something I turned out to absolutely love!


Sometimes it just takes an ounce of courage, and a pen to write down the goal! So my advice today that you can soak in over the weekend is this: Don't settle for a job you know you'll be miserable in. Even if you need to take a temporary dreaded position to pay the bills- Set a goal. Write it down. Post it on your wall, your bathroom mirror, wherever you'll see it daily. Work towards it. And eventually you'll find that taking the leap towards your dream isn't so hard after all.


For me, my day job IS my passion. With obstacles, hurdles, and all, it is totally worth it. I get to represent wonderful clients, help families find the perfect home, and I get to live in the most beautiful city of Vero Beach, FL!


I entitled this post "My Day Job Vs. my Passion" to get you thinking about your current life situation. I encourage you today, and every day, to set a goal, and work towards that vision inside your heart.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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