You can’t believe everything you hear or read – The Treasure Coast WAS hit with 2 hurricanes in 2004 but it was 20 years before that we saw more than a Category 1 or Tropical depression.

I won’t minimize the hurricanes and tell you the Treasure Coast and Vero Beach was not damaged – it was – there were many trees down or ruined and some homes on the barrier island took major damage and rebuilding and major repairs of some of the structures even west of town; some also with minor damage and some with no damage. But the long and short of it was the area learned a valuable lesson in its building codes and older homes have been updated and modernized. The landscaping has returned, for the most part, to its original loveliness – a benefit to the southern climate and natural plants!

So – worry not – almost every location in the United States has some natural disaster to worry about; some areas worse than others – hurricanes are not to be thought of as minimal storms, but can be –you are typically given many days to prepare and the home you buy today will be hurricane ready.

Hurricane ready homes are updated or built with the new codes – since hurricane Andrew hit the Miami area in 1995, the codes for construction have been updated – homes built since 1973 have been built under the standard building codes and any remodeling or updating included the newer codes.  Roofs are strapped now, windows and doors are either hurricane resistant, hurricane proof or have hurricane shutters; door hinges and door frames are placed securely; some homes have safe rooms; some have an interior room without windows, garage doors will have bracings and large trees are kept trimmed and branches too close to a house are cut back.  Some areas of the barrier island are “required evacuation” areas – mostly because of the chance of storm surge and flooding – some of the flood zone areas have new codes for new homes which has eliminated any chance of flood damage in those areas. The barrier island is at risk if the storm surge is over about 18 feet; check the history books for that ever happening and how far back if it has!  Overall most homes on the Treasure Coast are safer than ever! 

And most of all people are prepared!

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