Prepare yourself – disconnect yourself from your home. This may not be an easy task unless the place you are going is so wonderful you can’t wait to move into it.

A home must become a thing – a thing that you need to get rid of so you can get a new and different thing.  Go through every room and see what design or personal items make it yours – start pack at the same time. All personal items, heirlooms, pictures, cutsies, kids pictures, pet toys, gramma’s handmade items – everything you can identify a family member or personal friend with – take out of each room.

What is meaningful to you may be a distraction to the actual home for a potential buyer.

This detaching is also a means of de-cluttering – if you don’t need it and you can’t picture it being needed in your next home – toss it either to the give-away charity box or to the trash. They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so charity donations are a nice touch when de-cluttering – but nothing broken – charities like to be able to unpack your items and put them out to display and sell.

Buyers are sometimes nosey – they will open closets and cabinets, if things fall out they might think you just shoved them into the cabinet to hide the clutter. Closets should look kept and cared for – shoes lined up, hangers similar directions, and linen closets should have items neatly folded.  The best organization in your closets makes it look like the home has enough closet space for your family; and theirs if they should buy it.

Remove some of the books and knick knacks from the book shelves and extra furniture or foot stools that might be convenient for you but make the room look crowded to a buyer.  If there are items you do not want to leave with the house like a prized chandelier have it removed and replace it with something appropriate but one you are not connected to.

Check the overall minor repairs to the home – replace or repair cracked floor tiles, patch holes in walls and repaint, fix leaky faucets – buyers will check water pressure and see a leak, neutralize paint colors if it will add visual size to the room, walk outside and be critical of your home.

Now go inside and smell – do you have a cat or dog that has created an odor – this must be cared for or it will turn off a buyer on entrance to the house. Many buyers have pets but they don’t want to smell yours!

Refresh the outside with new mulch and nicely trimmed landscaping; even a few planted annuals can make your home look like you are a meticulous homeowner. Even a newly pressure washed driveway and garage floor will be noticed as an asset.

When your agent takes a potential buyer through your home you want them to be in awe of its beauty and functionality not in awe of all the things they would have to repair and change if they purchased it!

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