Rain or Shine – A Good Real Estate Professional is there for you and in Florida that is very important! In Florida there may be rain predicted on any given day – but you may be looking to purchase a home during the Florida rainy season! Florida rainy season typically is not like a northern spring rainy season; Florida can be sunny on one side of the street and raining on the other or sunny and in 5 minutes come the old afternoon rains, but don’t worry much, sometimes they only last an hour and then it will be sunny and very humid for the rest of the late afternoon.

Rainy season is a great time to shop for a new residence – you will be privy to the drainage or flooding of a subdivision area or a particular property. Since Florida has much of its drainage via open cut ditches rather than enclosed sewers you get a full view of the swales and how the water flow is at any given rain in any subdivision. Some areas drain slower leaving standing water sometimes only an hour during heavy rains and other places it may be days before the land dries again.  You also can see if there are any water issues with the home in particular or if the patio or driveway is pitched correctly – anything you may have questions about.

As a Real Estate Professional in Florida the scheduling of a home showing during the rainy season may become a fun game of timing or process of sharing umbrellas with the home viewers! A few rain drops have never deterred me from showing a home to a potential buyer – though the sun shining thru a residence or a rainbow is better than a run to the inside on a dreary day!

Florida needs the rainy season to keep its beautiful tropical plants blooming and thriving, also the rain helps quell the possible fires out in the marsh and open land in a dry period. Usually there are 3 phases to a Florida rainy season – Late May to July – stormiest season; early July thru mid-August – hotter weather with dryer periods; late August thru mid-October – higher rainfall possible and tropical storm systems and even early fall cold fronts. Could things be different - of course – that’s just the typical and systems arise to change weather patterns all the time! But there is no place finer than the East coast of Florida for a great place to live!

By the way – if a rainbow shows when you are leaving a home after a rain – maybe that home is your pot of gold! 

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