To all of my buyers out there, the choosing process can be intimidating and extremely frustrating! Everyone dreams of the perfect place to call home, but let's face it - not everything in life goes according to our exact plans. You may be wondering even now if you'd rather just build what you want rather than go through the grueling process of chosing a home that suits you and your family. I recently read an article that cautions against a few things when considering the construction of a new home. Here are some important things to think about before you jump in:

Design and decorating - It sounds glamorous to design your own home to make it look and feel just right. However, once the thrill of building your own place has subsided, you're left with a lot of walls, floors, and space to design and fill. Some sellers take initiative to neutralize their homes before putting it on the market specifically so that it will sell. Don't be afraid of already-lived-in homes! You could find one that suits you perfectly and this will definitely cut down design costs.

Location, location, location - This includes two things: proximity to jobs, shopping and schools, and willingness to live in a new development that is still under construction. Typically new homes are built farther away from town and therefore are usually farther from places like the gym, grocery store, your child's school, or even your job. Are you willing to fork out more gas money to build your dream home? Also, new developments have a few downsides: higher taxes, noisy construction vehicles, and probably a lot of dust and dirt (and not much grass). Just some things to think about when you're looking for a place to build.

So, all of this to say, don't be deceived by the impressive incentives to construct your own home. While it sounds wonderful, it's not all hearts and roses.