The market is good and the weather is great and many nice people in Florida selling their homes or thinking of selling have pets – all kinds of pets.  When you are a pet owner you love your pets as a member of the family; but not all visitors will respond to your pet so kindly.  Some people selling homes make arrangements with the real estate agent to “put the dog out” – of course then the potential buyer viewing the house can’t see the back yard or has to listen to the dog barking while they are in the house. Other times the instructions may be “don’t let the cat out” but you never know where the cat is when you are in the house because it hides!  There are other more interesting pets at people’s homes – ever have a home for sale with pet snakes – they can give the potential buyers the creeps while walking thru the home (it’s in a cage, but securely?) – or birds that continuously squawk and  throw seed all over the floors – or worse a talking bird that says things it shouldn’t!

I love animals but they are little help in the sale of a home unless the person looking for a home LOVES all animals and falls in love with the animals and buys the house.

The worst part of selling a home with pets or any animals is the cleanliness and the smells – when you are a pet owner you sometimes lose that sensitive smell – like a smoker doesn’t smell cigarette smoke, a pet owner sometimes doesn’t smell animal smells. Some people are aware of the smells and try to temporarily mask them with deodorizers and fresheners – but the best way to show is freshly cleaned everything – litter box, cages, carpet, furniture – everything. But of course, an apple pie in the oven doesn’t hurt!

Many homes are beautiful even with pets – pets to a pet lover makes them feel homey – but to others that is definitely a turn off. As an agent we must know our buyers – and tell our sellers what is the best action for their home.

OK – take Fido and Fluffy for a car ride – and put a beautiful cover over the snake cage and we’ll be there at 11.

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