Today is a great day to look at houses – first the weather is not very nice – it has been rainy and windy for days.

Call a real estate agent, call Janyne Kenworthy!  A great agent doesn’t care if the sun is shining or its pouring down rain they will take you out anywhere you want to look.

On a sunny day everything looks better, brighter and cheerier; but on an overcast rainy day you will see other things and be less apt to overlook flaws. Remember you buy a house with more than your sense of sight, you use other senses also!

Now, how is that subdivision drainage, are you driving thru huge puddles and mud to get to the house you want to see? Is the yard flooded? Step in the grass – soft and spongy? Are the gutters flowing like they should or are there gutters at all? Is the landscape flooding from all the rain?  In Florida it’s hard to keep palm trees from shedding palm fronds on a windy day even if they are kept nicely trimmed there will be a stay frond or a coconut that falls in the wind but overall the house on the outside should still look nicely kept regardless of the weather.

Now enter and be sure to wipe your shoes or remove them – especially if there is a tile floor which with wet shoes is like being on an ice rink – what is your first impression of the house – dark, gloomy and depressing? Are there windows all around that let the little overcast light come thru? As you walk thru the house try to envision how you live, what rooms you will be utilizing when the weather is not the greatest, will you have to turn all the lights on to just function? And if that’s what you’re looking for then you are in a perfect place for your liking. Are you thinking this is the perfect house to curl up with a book on a day like this – wonderful, good start!

Remember, paint is superficial and can be changed to fit your liking – some people prefer darker walls and light floors, some light walls and dark floors and some mix and match, but look around with the idea of how you will decorate and make this home into your comfort zone.

Now, listen to the house, is it quiet, noisy, rain pelting the roof and wind whistling thru the windows? Do you love what you hear? Are trees and bushes outside beating against the house and roof in the wind? Look at the possibility of a good trimming to fix that. Any other sounds that you can’t identify? Ask what the noise is if there is one; maybe it’s the refrigerator, washer or dryer or another appliance that will go when the owner leaves – or maybe they are leaving the noise to go with the house.

Now you’ve used your eyes and your ears – how does it smell? Inside and out – is there a ditch with water flowing outside, will it always have water flowing or will the water stagnate? Does it have a septic? What’s the status of that? Inside, any unusual smells dog, cat or something you just can’t put your finger on – ask! Don’t assume the smell is something in the house and don’t assume it will leave with the current owner – ASK!  It might be a musty moldy smell and that could be a tell tale sign of previous water damage – or it could be they just came back from camping and the hamper has wet clothes they forgot about!

Viewing a house for sale should be a trip to envision your family in the house – look at as many places as you can until you find the one that says – this is my future comfort zone. When the house looks, feels, sounds and smells like it could become yours. Where you walk thru and say, “I can’t wait to cook in this kitchen” and “Wow, this bathroom is just what I wanted” and even on a rainy day you envision yourself curled up with a good book and relaxing! Then you’ve found your home!

Call me rain or shine, Janyne Kenworthy to find your perfect comfort zone in Florida.

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