Experts in the Zillow marketplace recently went public with an announcement: "For most buyers who intend to spend at least three years in a home, buying is a better option than renting."

It makes sense, doesn't it? Why write rent check after rent check if it isn't getting you anywhere? Research shows that in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, you can break even within 3 years of the purchase of your home! That rate rises and falls depending on the area you live in, of course, but consider the benefits of home ownership as opposed to renting.

My advice: take the leap of faith and invest! Do it for your family, yourself, or whatever other reasons you can think of. Buying a home is exciting (and scary at times) and the long-term rewards of home ownership are the driving force behind Zillow's recent study. Please do not take your decision lightly, however. I encourage you to think long and hard about any major life changing decision.

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